PS I Love You….By Cecelia Ahern

Nice book…..very bitter sweet…..

Holly is the protagonist who is married to Gerry her best friend..childhood sweetheart and soul mate…and 7 years into their marriage just before her 30th Birthday Gerry is diagnosed with a brain tumor and he dies….:-(

She is devastated… many memories in the past….so many memories that could have been…….so much pain….so much love…. The story is about how she overcomes the disaster with the help of family friends and letters/notes from Gerry with instructions which she has to open every month….every note ends with “PS I love you” 🙂 its so sweet…

The story is about Love…..Soul Mates……friends and family…….it is touching….it is sad…..but it is happy….it will make you teary eyed…and yet make you smile at the same time…. I think the book is also about “It is better to have loved and lost than to not loved at all!” 🙂 😦

Cant make up my mind if I believe in the concept of ‘Love’ and ‘Soul Mates’ etc…… I guess my beliefs in the matter change by the day…..actually maybe deep down inside I believe in it…but just don’t seem to find actual proof in the real world…:-(


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2 responses to “PS I Love You….By Cecelia Ahern

  1. i hope thru the bumps on the journey of life, u never dismiss the concept of “love”…….for u never know which countryside you find bliss at!

    cheers 🙂

  2. ABC

    who is this >> aplihs

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