The Fountain Head…By Ayn Rand

EVERYONE I know said they like this book…..but NO ONE could tell me what they liked about the book…!
Well just for the record I HATED the book….I though it did not make much sense….it is 680 pages of convoluted nonsense… everyone who I cribbed about the book to while reading it told me why don’t you just drop it…..why take the trouble to read it if you are hating it so much…..well my answer to them was that let me just see how bad it gets….and since everyone who have supposedly completed reading the book has liked it there must be something about it….and and went on to read the entire 680 pages…!
The book has 4 characters and each of them is weirder that the others…its like a competition…who can be more arbid senseless and weird and at the end of 680 pages….the competition is tough….one is worse than the other…
1.Peter Keating- this guy is plain stupid…..god knows why he does not marry Cathreine the girl who is loves….
2.Howard Roark – This guy is kind of interesting…but very extreme….there is nothing in the 680 pages about his background..and why is is what he is…
3.Dominique– She is the weirdest of them all……no sorry…there is stiff competition among the four for the title of the weirdest…..but this chick is the pits….she is supposedly in love with Howard Roark….sleeps with him…but also does everything possible to destroy him! WTH!!??
4.Ellsworth Tooley– This guy was the pits…he has some stupid trip in life which says he can control the world….he writes….and he believes that he has the capability to generate public opinion…and the lousiest plays/ books/buildings are given rave review and people who don’t like it are made to feel stupid…

Well overall…..stupid senseless book….with maybe very few concepts somewhere in between made sense…..but since everyone says it is a wonderful book..people who don’t like it a afraid to say don’t like it for the fear or sounding stupid and out of the crowd……but I am not going to do that…I am going to say exactly what I think about the book….lets see if there are other who agree with me…but were just scared to say anything bad about the legendary Fountain Head by Ayn Rand!
Ps: The book is also about individual against collective….so following those principle…I am that individual who says I HATE THE BOOK….when everyone around me talk about how much they loved it!



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4 responses to “The Fountain Head…By Ayn Rand

  1. haha…good review 🙂

    Even I heard great things about Fountainhead, but when I skimmed through it in the library, I knew it was just not my cup of tea.

    All books are not for everyone. After all, we all have our individual tastes, right?

  2. Same feelings. Hated, absolutely hated it. I was so angry that I just threw it off after some 250 pgs. I plan to find all people who highly recommended it and give them my piece my mind.

  3. Sanket

    I didn’t hate it but didn’t like it either.. atlas shrugged is better

  4. prakash jotwani

    Well, since i read this review, i am restless!!! i have read the book twice, and am tempted to read it 3rd time before writing my comments( since it has been 4-5 years i last read it ), but couldnt wait!! its a lengthy book!! 🙂
    every reader interprets a book in his/her own way, which may be quite different from what the author actually means. so here is my take on the book ( purely an individual opinion, not of masses !! )
    first of all, its a work of fiction, and as in most of fiction, the characters, situations and emotions are somewhat exaggerated and dramatized, that is done to drive home the point.
    I find this book more relevant in present times. look around and the world is full of characters resembling Peter keating, who have no values of their own, and who can bend anyways for the so called worldly success, to please others,dont even bat an eyelid when taking credit for others work and cant take a stand of their own in any given situation.
    So are characters like Ellsworth abound in society. today the mass opinion is controlled by media, which in turn is controlled by so called powers to be !! ( politicians, corporates, business tycoons ). what we get to read/see/hear is what they want us to see and believe, and the sad part is, most of us do!!!
    and now coming to the 2 main characters of the book, Howard Roark and Dominique.
    Alas, we dont find people like Howard around us!! He is the person which we all should aspire to be!! He is an epitome of self belief and honesty !!wont compromise on his principles to please anyone, or for material gains. stands by his convictions, come what may, and cares a damn for the other people`s opinion. Does what he thinks is right ( ofcourse, not harming anyone ).Even if half of the world`s population become even quarter of what he symbolizes, world will be a much better place to live in !!!
    In my opinion, its obvious that author,being fully aware that such character is a rarity in real world, wants people to be like him!! ( to a certain extent, i think this character is reflection of author herself- the manuscript of this book was rejected by 12 publishers, before it got published ).
    And coming to Dominique. well,at first it does looks strange that she wants to destroy the person whom she loves.but in my opinion, she is aware of the fact that the world would make life impossible for a person like Howard, and it would pain her more seeing world destroying him!!!and also, she thinks that world doesnt deserve a person like Howard. ( another take on the her behaviour can be that, she makes life difficult for him, hoping that he will fall into lines of the world )
    No doubt its a very lengthy book, particularly in todays time, when u have to say what u have to in max 140 words, and studies have shown that attention span of people is max 300 words!! ( i know i have exceeded both the limits!!! 🙂 )
    But the detailing of the characters, including their physical appearance goes on to show the in-depth knowledge of the author of human psychology, because the physical appearnace and body language can tell a lot about a persons character.
    Its a lengthy view, but the book of such a size ( in volume, and content !!! ) deserves much more!!

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