My Wish List of Features for Twitter!

I am one of those recent fans for twitter….well I am about 209 tweets old as of now….and for someone who is tweeting only form the web its not a very bad number…..what I love about twitter is that it is so easy and quick…micro blogging is a nice concept…I wonder how does one blog from the phone in India….the sms twitter service is not yet activated here right?
Here are some things that I think Twitter should consider
1. Have a spell check….I have always been lousy at spelling and using word…Lotus notes etc which automatically give me an alert telling me I have spelled something wrong has made me worse! Having a spell check atleast for people tweeting on the web should not be too difficult to incorporate..what say?
2. Have the facility to password protect tweets-Well ya it may seem to be against the concept of publishing a tweet….but there are chances I want to publish a tweet with my feelings deep inside which I want only me or my selected few friends to read…..what say….wont it be a good feature to have?
3. Have an option to classify/tag tweets- Like we do while blogging…it would be nice to be able to classify tweets under categories like books…feelings….movies……traffic etc…..look back and see relevant tweeps…It would be nice to see what people around the world are reading and tweeting about! What say?
Well that is it from me for now….let me know what you think of these potential add on features….also since I am quite a new bee on Twitter…let me know if some of this can already be done and I don’t know about!
And hey..I don’t know how features on twitter get built…..but I hope someone out there who can do something about it reads this!!
Till then…happy Twittering!!


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3 responses to “My Wish List of Features for Twitter!

  1. Anand.U

    Good One…

    Well…I was thinking if they use vxml tech and make tweet2voice… how kewl that wud be…

    hav fun !!!

  2. Suggestions are intelligent ones but I am unable to understand till-date what is twitter ?
    Is it a free service Or paid ?
    Anybody who can explain me in very simple english words please.

  3. there are many Twitter apps you can use I think, which would allow you to classify Tweets n all that. Why don’t you try them out. TweetDeck is a good one.

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