Rosie Meadows Regrets by Cathrine Alliot

This was one of the books I had picked from the goa beaches…. in my last to last trip we picked up 5 books from the beach…obviously left back by the firangs and sold by the local Thelewala’s for pittance of just something like 50 bucks per book….and there were good quality original books!
Anyways I finally got around to reading this one and it was quite a cute chick lit..
Incidentally this book is also a girl whose husband dies….just like the earlier book I read…PS I love you…..but their reaction is diametrically different!
Rosie hated her husband….and she is super gald that he is dead!!
The book is extremely filmy or actually soap operaish……there is love…marriage ..divorce…..extramarial affairs… murder of the husband…..there is confusion on who killed the husband….ther sister- in Law…the father-in- law…the wife!??
Basically Rosie gets married to the wrong guy…..has a baby boy in the marriage…she is all set to divorce him….she wishes he was dead cause he would cause a grief for the custody of the child and….poof he dies!
The book is about Rosie’s topsy-turvey life….and how she overcomes the twists….and falls in love again!! This is attraction on first sight….then something happens to her eveytime she talks to him…basically she finds her soulmate…! The guy she falls head over heels in love with… married for the second time with 3 kids…….so there are twists and turns…..but all works out well in the end…
The concept of getting married…getting divorced…my kids…your kids and our kids kind of stuff is not very relatable in our context and maybe that is why it does not seem very realistic…
Overall too many twists for it to be seems relatable… …but a nice filmy entertaining book with a Happy Ending!!

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