The Power Of..

Hey People…..This is a speech I plan to give on my Toastmasters Meeting this Friday morning… still required major fine tuning… any feedback would be very valuable….Plz Plz….quick feedback to improve the speach!
The Power Of…
Good Morning!!
How many of you’ll want to be happy?
How many of you’ll want to make the world better place?
How many of you’ll think that you’ll don’t have the time and the money and ability to make the world a better place?
In the next few minutes…I am going to help you re-discover the POWER you have to become happier yourself and make the world a better place…
I am going to share my experience with the ‘Power of Smiling’….explain my concept of “World Smile Day” and…and request your help and idea’s to Propagate World Smile Day!
Last week I drove into the petrol pump and there were 3 cars waiting to be refueled in lane One and 3 cars waiting to be refueled in lane two…
Now I had half a mind of driving off and hoping that the fuel lasts me the day (if required I will go without air that is crazy in the heat) when the attendant at the Pump goes….”mam…..chalo aapko phle bhar dete hai” last lane mein laga lo”. The last lane is normally used as a service lane an not normally for vehicles to fuel up….
I drove into the last lane…re-fuelled….and drove off…..!
Now what did I do deserve special treatment at the petrol pump….???
Nothing except that…I normally smile….and said Thank you every week when I came to this petrol pump to fuel!
Simple is’nt it….? Smile …say thank you…but how many of us actually do that?? How many of us smile at people who are supposedly in a lower socio economic background??
Our Bai’s…the waiters….the watchmen… we ever even smile at them…saying thank you is a far fetched thing!
Forget people in the lower socio-economic background….how many of us make it a point to Smile genuinely at our colleges and our bosses when we pass by them?
How many of us smile at strangers?? Believe me…I do that quite often….and it is really not stupid…almost every-time I have an eye contact with anyone….in the lift…people I don’t know in office….people in the canteen…..I smile….and trust me….no one has ever frowned back at me…. And almost everyone smiles back!
There are studies which have found that when you smile, you release hormones called serotonin and endorphins, which are “happiness hormones” these can improve your energy, make you feel good…improve your immune system, and reduce any stress or pain you may be feeling!
When you smile at someone …it tells them you like them….you are happy to see them…they smile back at you…..and the happiness hormones are released in their body…..they feel good…you feel good…the positivity in the air increases….and is so damn simple…..
If any of you think I am exaggerating…..I guess there is no substitute for experience….so just try it for a day….you have absolutely nothing to loose….infact in the Smile currency….the more you give the more you get…..Smile at everyone you come across….the watchman…the lift man….your college…your boss….the guy you bump into the gym….the people you share the lift with… me…people WILL NOT think you have gone mad…and they will DEFINITLY smile back at you…..because you see you can never give a smile away…it always comes back to you and the more you give the more you get!!
Now how many of you’ll will walk out of this room try this for a day???
Remember Smile is the most inexpensive way to improve your looks….. and there are 100’s of languages in the world…..but everyone Smiles in the same language…..
Now I have experienced the ‘Power of Smiling’ … I have felt good….I have made friends….I have gotten out of tight spots…..and I wanted it to share it with eveyone….and so I decided to write about it…and then speak about it….and while I was writing….it suddenly occurred to me….that we should maybe celebrate a “World Smile Day”!” and I though I would be the poioneer for this brilliant idea of “World Smile Day”…I was about to file for a patent for my brilliant concept when something prompted me to check google for “World Smile Day” and Lo behold….. to my utter disappointment…….World Smile Day already exists!
Did you know…“World Smile Day” is celebrated on the 1st Friday of October…??? Well now you know….!! The concept of World Smile day is to “Do an act of kindness and make a Person Smile”
I would suggest let us make it simpler…. “ Smile at everyone you see and wish them Happy World Smile Day!!”
Will You help me to propagate “ World Smile Day” and be my brand ambassadors to spread happiness in the world???
If yes….what do you need to do?
1. ‘Smile’ : Actions speak louder than words….and experience is the best teacher!
2. Share the Concept : Write/Blog/ Talk about ‘World Smile Day’ and spread awareness and make the 1st Friday of October….as famous as Friendship day or Valentines day!
3. Celebrate ‘World Smile Day in various groups you are part of like your team at work, Toastmasters Club, Maitree, Music Club, Rotaract etc!
4. Help to reach out to stake holders like media, greeting card companies who have vested interests in us celebrating anything new!
What Say……Will you be pioneers of the Smile Revolution!!????

Smiling is infectious,
You can catch it like the flu.
Someone smiled at me today,
And I started smiling too.

So people…lets curb Swine Flu and Spread Smile Flu!! And you know what the world always looks brighter from behind a smile… Try it!



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6 responses to “The Power Of..

  1. Anand.U

    Shilpa San…

    🙂 Kudos…Nice speech.There is soul in the speech.I like the idea of starting with questions (rising audience curiosity with What -Who-How) before breaking away with background story.

    Well here comes the critic (again i cud be wrong)…
    – Challenge is put a person or two on the spot with response to your initial questions- (key is to make them laugh and get it infectious) .
    -Lose “next few mins”
    -I like the ice breakers like questions/jokes in the middle…ensure there is a pause after that.
    -Add on “your wife” in section “Smile at everyone you come across….the watchman…the lift man….your college…your boss….the guy you bump into the gym ”
    -Quote “no matter what happens……when you deal with people…..learn to give them a smile……for everyone that you meet… is fighting some kind of battle…….”

    Gud luk…hav fun !!!

  2. hi…..

    i wonder if this is unsolicited, but nevertheless, my views on the the speech………

    I think u have a winner up your sleeve in the topic and if properly used, has the potential for immemse impact. However, a few suggestions………

    a) There is a lot of scope for theatrics. For every para, if you juxtapose yr smile thoughts, by first presenting a “normal”, dull scenario – shoulder drooping, curt and impersonl behavior and then bring out the changed avataar, the point would come across more strongly to the audience. For example, the start could be modified to –

    “how many of you would want to be sad? (pause – said in sombre tone)…….how many of you would want to be happy? (with a jingling voice and smiling face)…….how many would want a worse place… many a better place?”……and so on…….use the affect of contrasts!

    b) Rather than saying, “let me tell you… concept of “smiling day” and the “power of smile”……and then going on descriptively, let the two ideas emerge from the narrative – the audience, i believe is much more receptive, when the speech is interactive in design (even though the actual responses may still be less) rather than lecturous!

    c) Spice it up with celebrity examples – i think people like dhoni, shahrukh etc are instant charmers because they have an omnipresent smile at the corner of the face, ready to burst to full prominence at the slightest provocation. You can ask people to pick out such characters from their daily life as well….i am sure each one of us likes to spend more time with the smiling fraternity rather the cursing friends.

    d) “smile flu” is an amazing title and terrific start……u can take the analogy to greater lengths, by suggesting how contagious it is, and how by using it one can spread it fast (with or without govt intervention). It would cross linguistic, cultural, economic and national boundaries and the “disease” can help cure!……and so on 🙂

    best wishes for the day!……..njoy and smile 🙂

    rahul 🙂

  3. aplihs

    @Rahul and Anand
    Thank you so much for your feedback…it is indeed extremly helpful and Rahul it is very much solicited feedback!

    I plan to update the speach and with all the feedback and put it back for review…luckily i did not get a chance to give it today!

  4. abc

    oh Ureka ureka ….

    ‘Aplihs’ is nick name of urs. nways Nice speach..

    ‘Smile flu’ is superb name .. all d best

  5. May I request you to smile at Jayesh on my behalf when you see him next 🙂

  6. eritrea

    you are hot and your smile makes you even hotter

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