Spread The Smile Flu!!

Last week I drove into the petrol pump and there were 3 cars waiting to be refueled in lane One and 3 cars waiting to be refueled in lane two…Now I had half a mind of driving off and hoping that the fuel lasts me the day (if required I will go without air con..no that is crazy in the heat) when the attendant at the Pump goes…. “Mam chalo aapko phle bhar dete hai last lane mein laga lo”. The last lane is normally used as a service lane an not normally for vehicles to fuel up. I drove into the last lane, re-fuelled.and drove off!!

Now what did I do deserve special treatment at the petrol pump….???

Nothing except that…I normally smile….and said Thank you every week when I came to this petrol pump to fuel!
(The boys say you get away with it cause you are a girl but I vehemently disagree that it is a gender bias)

Simple is’nt it? Smile and say thank you!

But how many of us actually do that?? How many of us smile at people who are supposedly in a lower socio economic background??Our Bai’s …the waiters….the watchmen…..do we ever even smile at them? Saying thank you would be a far fetched thing!
Forget people in the lower socio-economic background, how many of us make it a point to Smile genuinely at our classmates, colleges and our bosses when we pass by them? How many of us smile at strangers??
Believe me, I do that quite often and it is really not stupid almost every-time I have an eye contact with anyone, in the lift, people I don’t know in office, people in the canteen, I smile and trust me no one has ever frowned back at me and almost everyone smiles back!

There are studies which have found that when you smile, you release hormones called serotonin and endorphins, which are “happiness hormones” these can improve your energy, make you feel good, improve your immune system, and reduce any stress or pain you may be feeling!

When you smile at someone it tells them you like them and you are happy to see them. They smile back at you and the happiness hormones are released in their body, they feel good, you feel good, the positivity in the air increases and is so damn simple!!

If any of you think I am exaggerating, I guess there is no substitute for experience so just try it for a day. You have absolutely nothing to loose. Infact in the Smile Currency the more you give the more you get!
Smile at everyone you come across, the watchman, the lift man, your college, your boss, the guy you bump into the gym, the people you share the lift with. Trust me people WILL NOT think you have gone mad and they will DEFINITLY smile back at you because you see you can never give a smile away…it always comes back to you. The more you give the more you get!!

I am responsible for spreading the Smile Flu! I have experienced the ‘Power of Smiling’! And I want your help to spread Smile Flu by propagating “World Smile Day”!
Did you know that the first Friday of October is Celebrated as “World Smile Day”.
To Celebrate this day is extremely cost effective…All you have to do is Smile at everyone you See that day and wish them “Happy World Smile Day!!”
Lets all propagate “ World Smile Day” and be brand ambassadors to spread happiness in the world!
What Say……Will you be pioneers of the Smile Revolution!!????
It is said

Smiling is infectious,
You can catch it like the flu.
Someone smiled at me today,
And I started smiling too.

So people lets curb Swine Flu and Spread Smile Flu!!
And you know what the world always looks brighter from behind a smile…Try it!

PS: Sorry…the content is almost the same as my earlier post…(and two ealier posts) this is just a cleaner version…I want to use it as a article for my rotaract bulletin

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One response to “Spread The Smile Flu!!

  1. Kunal Janu

    Smiling brings happiness to oneself.. Improves Immune system and helps fight SWINE Flu 🙂
    Smiling works, It solves most of the problems before it even starts!

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