that thing called LOVE by Tuhin Sinha

The tag line of the book says….An Unusual Love Story and it indeed is unusual…unexpected…and about convoluted lives of the protagonists……no one is really really happy ….even in the end…
I normally don’t like books with sad endings….and at the end of this one was not really happy neither was it sad… was just and ending which denoted life goes on……
It’s about a guy who is engaged to some girl his parents want him to get married to…but falls in love with a married lady with a kiddo….it is a mess…..and not only the life of the main protagonist mayak is a mess….everyone around him also has messy confused lives….
Overall the book is very engaging….it is set in Mumbai….you can picture the Moccha…the Juhu Circle…the Juhu beach… you read about it….but not sure what I am feeling reading it…it is not a ‘feel good’ book for sure….its is almost disturbing….

PS:(22nd September): I have been thinking about it wondering what about the book disturbed me….I think it was because it is about TOXIC relationships..

TOXIC relationships are those relationships that are doomed….you cant live with it….you cant live without it…you know it is bad for you…but yet you are so addicted to need a major detox routine to get out of it…and yet it is so easy to get back into it….back into the downward spiral….towards destruction……its sad……:-(



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6 responses to “that thing called LOVE by Tuhin Sinha

  1. Interesting !!!
    I wish director reading And a movie.
    Lets see.

  2. abc

    vry clear.. thoghts abt TOXIC relationship.

    dont mind bt shilpa ‘PS’ is more interesting then book review.

  3. abc

    now we need to read movie review … good news is tht now there is very interesting movie running in theatre.. yes i m talking abt Whts ur rasheee?

    spe being priyanka’s fan .. ..roll model whtever u call … simply best .good part is this week also therz 3days long week end.. so

    waiting for review.

  4. aplihs

    Well…if Air India plays spoil sport and my plans get messed up you may see the review for WYR on this page this weekend…or else you’ll have to wait one week….:-) I hope you have to wait!

  5. abc

    wont belive bt yest nite suddenly at 11 o clock i got d meaning of ‘ aplihs’.

    frankly speaking d time i read word aplihs as a feedback.. nt aware of its meaning…. den got to know tht its ur nick name for reply ..

    still i was wondering .. wht exactly this word stands for….so finally last nite reveal tht its mirror image of word ‘shilpa’

    its kool way to hide real name…

  6. Hey, I found your blog while searching on Google your post looks very interesting for me. I will add a backlink and bookmark your site. Keep up the good work! 🙂

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