‘Baby’ and ‘Bevadi’…Car’s in my Life!

My Indica is named  ‘Baby’…cause it is nice little car that I am quite fond of… its “My Baby”, hence the name.

My bro’s car is an Petrol drinking big car and is a Guzzler of fuel and money….as compared to my economical Diesel drinking ‘Baby’ so I have coined the name “Bevadi” for it and everyone reluctantly agrees to it…

Friday afternoon…one of my colleague in office tells me….did you hear the good news….the watchman called and said your tire is punctured….got down requested a driver to change to stepney tire and got home without incident…

Saturday night…2:30 in the night after our Diwali party at cousins place….the front tire goes phat again!! Middle of the night….on the highway..on top of a flyover….. ….just 2 women…me and mommy and my baby bro.. ..and NO stepney tire….managed to call people in the other car….and they came back…helped us to wake the tire repair wala and we reached home at 3:30 in the night…

Apparently all four tires of my ‘Baby’ have holes and hence they keep getting punctured…L… they have to be replaced…..any anything that has to be replaced is a research project undertaken by my dad….so till the project is done….I cannot take ‘Baby’  for a ride…cause if I get stuck alone on the highway at night…there will be panic….!

As for ‘Bevadi’…she has some neural problems which need to be fixed…..the lights inside switch on without reason….switching the right indicator leads sometimes to the left indicator coming on…sometimes both and sometimes none…!! WTH….wonder if it is a neural problem or ‘gaadi me bhoot aagaya hai! (Is the car possessed by a ghost!)  Now that is a scary thought!!

Bottom line…both Baby and Bevadi are not working…. what a tragedy! 😦


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