Rhymes and Rants..

Childish stuff …but cute….I am amazed not too many people know these little rhymes/ concepts…just putting it here…tell me if you have heard of it…:-) I dont remember where and when I have heard these rhymes and rants…but know them from the time I was a kiddo….

One of the following holds true depending on the number of Mina’s (those little black birds) you see…..

One is for sorrow

Two is for Joy

Three is for a letter

Four is for a boy/toy

Five is for silver

Six is for gold

Seven is for secrets you have never been told!

 This little poem is something you have to say and make a wish when you see the first star each evening

Star Light oh Start Bright

The first star I see tonight

I wish I may I wish I might

Get the wish I wish tonight



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3 responses to “Rhymes and Rants..

  1. abc

    hi aplhis

    u can make complaint @ petrol pump itself. all pump suppose maintain complaint book at fuel station,

    one more thing just check petrol pump belongs to which company hpcl/ bpcl/ioc etc etc.

    basic fact : All… yes all pump r cheaters, only ways r different.

  2. Nice…
    & Refreshing!

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