When ‘WORDS’ and ‘VIBES’ don’t match in people around you….what should you listen to??

 I would like to say go with the VIBES…

But there is a caveat…

If the WORDS are saying ‘Good’ things and the VIBES are all ‘Wrong’… the VIBES, However if the VIBES are saying ‘Good’ things and the WORDS are all ‘Wrong’ then trust the WORDS!!

So I think another way to say it….always ‘Err on the side of Caution’…..keeps you away from a lot of trouble and pain…..

Life would be so SIMPLE….if people would SAY what they MEAN…and MEAN what they SAY….so there would not be so much scope for interpretation and confusion…..

A song from a movie is playing in my head right now…..but if I specify which song,….the entire story would be way too clear…in case it already is not for all who are reading this!!

Any views people…..??

PS: This could have easily been a series of 4 tweets…..that is what micro blogging is about…but I was to have 8 posts today in April – May…to had to get my quota done…you see mind is like a drunk monkey bitten by a Scorpio….it needs to be trained…so if you DECIDE to do something you SHOULD!


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