Online Tarro Cards Reading

I came across this website ( ) for online readings through a friends tweet which really praised it on being very accurate….and it seems uncannily true for me also…. Did a few readings..which i am not going to upload….but this one which is suppose to be my ‘Personal Court Card’ is also pretty accurate.

Putting the reading here for people who know me well enough to comment and tell me if they think it is accurate….and also for people who don’t know me well enough to  get to know me better if you care!!

Queen of Swords

A woman with an agile mind, intelligent and articulate she is able to think at light-speed and can sweet-talk herself out of the trickiest situations!

Yeah….I have managed to sweet talk my way out of a few sticky situations… the cops catching me for breaking the signal…..I have put my foot in my mouth and realized what I am doing and talked my way out of it!

With such a quick wit and quick thinking normally comes quick talking! She is the great orator, negotiator, sales woman, TV presenter, actor and teacher of this world.

Last two years have been in sales…and I am loving it more than anything I have done in the past…I really really want to explore being an anchor  Plan to do the ABCDE course form XIC something soon,_Broadcasting,__Compering,_Dubbing_and_E_Book_Narration_(ABCDE) I also really want to explore being a teacher….so someday….after I learn enough of sales and anchoring….I will teach it to the world…Inshalla….hope it happens soon!

She loves communication whether it’s over coffee with a friend, on the phone, texting on her mobile or email, and she never runs out of things to talk about!

So true again….I can TALK about ANYTHING under the sun to ANYONE …at ANYTIME…and by ANYMODE!

Her strength is her ability to see solutions that others don’t due to her analytical mind and ability to see things conceptually.

Well analytical to pata nahi but I am full jugado…can find solutions for sticky situations….maybe cause i just think….where there is a WILL there is a WAY!

Her free spirit, sense of fun and ability to thrive on change makes her great fun to be around. People certainly never find her boring.

Well yeah….free spirit and sense of fun is true…. weather people find my boring or not can be told by people only…while I do love  trying new things…i think I am afraid of BIG changes…

Her negative traits/weakness can be that she talks too much and does not listen enough. This can sometimes make her appear self centered and insensitive to others.

Having a low boredom threshold she can also appear fickle and superficial.

This can lead to commitment issues both at work and in romance, so she needs to work on being more pragmatic and disciplined to find success in love and life.

Well….I am afraid…all this is also pretty damn accurate to the last dot! I have to learn to listen more..not get bored easily….Have been committed to work….been stuck to my current job for over 5 years…and current role for over 2 years…now is the time to be committed to love also! Hopefully Soon….! Inshalla!

So that was it…! In case you did not get it Bold was what the website said… italics is what I think about it! Now hopefully there will be comments to tell me what YOU think of it!


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