Post Number:200!

Wow! Finally reached the 200 mark! It took longer than I anticipated it would….and I would blame micro blogging on twitter for this….I am at   But it is here finally…

Brief History of my Blog

September 2006: Blog Created  on blogger and first was initially created on blogger with my full name

September 2007: Second Post..again this was on blogger……

May 2008: Third Post…continued to be on blogger

September 2008: Moved to restless princess @wordpress

November 2008 : 100th Post!

April 2010: Finally! 200th Post! 🙂 This post!

September 2010: Move from restless princes @wordpress to some other new name!? What Say?

Keep reading and keep commenting!!





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2 responses to “Post Number:200!

  1. Anand.U

    Congrats …Wooohooo !!! I am proud of you at the sametime I envy your wisdom , clarity, judgement and the things you do…hav fun !!!

  2. Shilpa

    @Anand…..thx for the comment! At-least someone is leaving a comment! People have given up on leaving comments on my posts:-(

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