Zadenki Song!

Along with other things I do….I am also part of a Buddhism group which is called Nichiren Dashonin’s Buddhism or Sokka Gakki International….it is a nice group of people who chant…and discuss Buddhist philosophies of life. Check out this link for more details…

I am not as active as I used to be as a part of this group….cause Rotary GSE is eating up most of my time..or at least so I claim..however last weekend I finally went for a Zadenki or monthly meeting discussion meeting  after almost two/three months..and it was good….

Zadenki’s are basically meetings on one Sunday of the month, where people in the area/district/zone get together in pre-defined small groups  of about20-  30 in someone’s house and chant Nam Myo Renge Kyo, share experiences, discuss concepts and do some skits with a message and even sing some nice meaningful songs to add the fun element to the meetings….

I really enjoyed the meeting this month….maybe cause I was going after a long time…..especially I loved the song that everyone sang along in the meeting…..It is the Zadenki Song which someone had made in the tune of the old song ‘ SAR JO TERA CHAKRAYE’ (btw…every meeting has a different song.!)

I wanted to upload the song for everyone to hear….but wordpress is not allowing me to do that and wants to be  upgrade my account to be able to upload audio…so here is the link….I have uploaded it as a video on you tube…!

Do tell me what you think of it!


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