Basel Tour..First Rotary meeting..Forest…Fondue

Monday 31st May2010: GSE Program Day 3

Well Well…another day gone……I am loving it…but there is hardly any time to yourself…..

Today we started with a tour of Basel city in the morning….saw some monuments….whose significnace i cant remember…cause i am not a history buff….the city hall…and the River Rhine again and went for a boat ride across the river…..the weather in the morning was beautiful….cold…windy and sunny at the same time…..

After the city tour….we went for a club meeting to the Rotary club of Allschwil which met in a restaurant for lunch…the rotary club meetings here are very different from the rotary meetings….they are not as formal as the meetings in India….so was a little weired….but i am sure we will get used to it soon…..our first presentation went off well….and then we moved to the next agenda for the day…the forest walk..

The walk was nice…the forest ranger took us around it…it was beautiful and green..I did not know that ou can reach a forest from anywhere in the city in 20 mins…now is’nt that cool….

After the walk we came back home and i went grocery shopping with my host family…..we have a party in our house tomo eve for all the GSE team memeber and thier host families…so it was shopping time…!

We went first to the butchers shop…now i am a veggie….but the butchers shop did not make me feel queasy at all….it was so neat and clean…..the stuff almost looked nice….and it did not smell at all..i am tempted to try out some of the stuff when it is cooked tomo! Then we were at the super market….the major difference between our super markets in India and here is that they trust u to go in with u’re bags..but they dont trust u with the trolleys and u have to pay 2 franks to get a trolley which is refunded when u put the trolley back in place!

After shopping it was dinner time at home….and we were to have a true Swiss meal… it was Fondue time….and wht i realised was that Fondue is soooo super easy to make…it takes just about 10 mins!!! Some white wine….some fondue cheese…some herbs and spices…cut bread…and we are ready to go!

Dinner was nice….i gave my host family the gifts i had brough for them from India….it was nice to see them opening the gifts…..hope they liked them….i enjoyed giving it to them…had i know who all were in the family i would have brough specific gifts for all!

After all the dinner and gift excitement… was time for me to plan the rest of my trip….so mamaged to book tickets for the second leg of my journey….so now i have Zurich-London- Paris booked….need to figure what i want to do after Paris before coming back to Zurich… my last week will be Zurich-London-Paris-???-Zurich-Mumbai!

Any ideas on what the middle destination can be are welcome!

Sorry for not putting up any snaps on the is too painful to upload snaps here so will put them on orkut for all to see…!

GN….another interesting day ahead tomo….a trip in the morning….lunch meeting ….something in the afternoon and then a dinner party in the evening….i will definitely need a holiday to recover from this holiday….

Sea Saw in the Jungle!


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  1. Fondue is actually my favorite thing to do whenever I’m busy, or have a sudden visit from friends or families. It’s so easy to prepare, with a little table setting, your guests can easily mistook it for an expensive dinner, lol! With fondue you get to enjoy your time with them, you don’t need to stress yourself in the kitchen, and you simply get the most of the night with your loved ones.

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