Goetheanum ..Meeting…Party!!

Tuesday 1st June

Here I am at the end of another day…..was a good day….a little more relaxing than the last three days cause i actually managed to catch a much needed afternoon nap!!

The day started later than usual with our first tour of  Goetheanum starting only at 10…it was a short tour of an hour and a half….I need to read more about the philosophy to understand its depth..

We then had a meeting at the rotary club of Basel-Dereiländereck….which is the home club of the district governor od this district…our presentation worked out well…the lunch here was very nice…some nice familiar pasta in pesto sauce…and since our presentation got done before the meal….we managed to eat a stomach full!

After the meeting….I had an option to walk around town or come home….i choose to come home so i could talk to people back home and sleep…and get ready for the dinner party which was in my house

The party in the evening was rocking…..we dressed up in Indian clothes which were much appreciated….i am now feeling that i should have got all Indian clothes only! The food was great……some nice baked potatoes…some concoction of pulses and rice……Greek salad….green salad….lots of barbecued meat (which i did not have to eat cause there was so much tasty veg food!)…good white and red wine….a desert buffet with carrot cake….apricot pie…strawberry and cream and some other exotic nut cake…..and of course green tea and coffee to end with….:)

While the food was great…the highlight of the evening was the little performance by our h team….with Mayur as the star performer on the drum…which they call jambee…(dont know how to spell that)…but we had a ball…singing hindi songs….and they were singing swiss songs and we would sing English songs together…..overall the atmosphere was very very lively and fun!

For pictures you will have to check out orkut….too much trouble to put pics here…!

Ps: If u are reading this..be nice and leave a comment…even if u hate it…..plz!




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3 responses to “Goetheanum ..Meeting…Party!!

  1. neeru

    Rocking!!! is all that I can say. I can feel your joy just as I read your blog and reading your blog brings a smile on my face too. Shall I parcel your indian clothes!!!
    Continue to have FUN!!!!

  2. Anand.U

    Shilpa San …

    Guten Tag…Hallo, Wie geht’s dir? …Whether you take flight to thousand miles, or simply steps to Rhine or singing to a swiss tunes or Having a ball in a strange city or shouting it aloud with joy here…you do it all well with a spark and your drum beat never seems to stop … 🙂

    Enjoy rest of your happy trip …remember to take the cruise when you are Paris…listen to yourself …louder and louder it gets …the better it is …

    hav fun …Auf Wiedersehen !!!

  3. abc

    hve gr8 time .N joy !!!

    finally got rain bt not much jst 5 min shower. we r waiting 4 Monsoon which yet to reach mumbai

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