Switerland GSE:Day 5!

Yet another day……you know i realised that it is extremly important for me to write about what my day was like in the night cause there is sooo much that we are doing eveyday that if i dont write it in the night  i wont remember it the next day..! Also i may not be able to sleep in the night cause there would be soo much on my mind….!

So here i am to write about yet another day….my brother says your blogs are too long……well well….my days are so long….in comparison the blogs are tiny and very brief…

Today started with a train ride to a place about an hour away from basel …a town called Grenchen where we visited the Rado Watch making factory and the Omega watch museum….i got to know more about watches than i ever knew….but i still am not convinced to pay a fortune for the so called precise swiss watches….

In between the two watch visists we went for a rotary club meeting at the RC Grenchen to give our standard presentation….the audiance seemed sooo thanda and bored…maybe it was after a nice meal so it was sleep time…..even the veggie meal was not bad with rice and some vegetables…so i am sure the non veg was great…

We took the train back to basel and then i went to the church and gorcerry shopping again with my host and finally came home by 7.30….then got a chance to video chat with mommmy and my baby bro…;-)

It was then dinner and chat time…..had some dry stuffed pasta….salad….red wine……tasted some sauf ka liquire and did not like it….showed my host famlies pictures from my cousins wedding……met the grandmother of the family….over all nice family time…..but i missed out on the stuff i wanted to do today….like go for a cycle ride or a jog….wash clothes…..cook an indian meal…..tomo i will have to get this done…..but tomo is another hectic day….museum visit….vocational day….lets see how it goes…..

The GSE is an amazing program….it teaches you a lot…..teaches you how to interact with people who are so differnt from you….it is so amazing….they welcome you with open arms and treat you as a part of thier family…I wish someday soon  i have a house big enough to host GSE team members…..

On that note…..good night…..i know my blogs are becoming very tactical…and it is about what i have done ….there is so much i am thinking….feeling and analysing….i need to get that also out on paper before i forget……



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2 responses to “Switerland GSE:Day 5!

  1. abc

    do take cycle ride. its fun

  2. Vivek Mehta

    Did you think of the Swiss watch team in TCS SMB when you went around the Rado and Omega watch factory / museum !! I am wearing my Omega Constellation here and imagining how it would have evolved ; as shown in their museum.

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