Switerland GSE Day 7 Friday

So much happens in a day that is difficult to write after 3 days if you don’t write immidiatly…..but i am going to try……

Day 7 was a friday….it  started with good byes to the host families….packing and then a drive to Jura Mountains for a trek to a small peak on the way to lenszburg for the district confernece….it is always a pleasure to be out with the nature….and this walk was also a lot of fun….we reached the peak and had a picnic lunch at the top spot with the swiss red and white fllag fluttering high up in the air….Hans who was the team leader for the team that came into mumbai from switzerland was kind enough to drive us for the district conference through the Jura mountains and scenic villages instead of the normal route from the tunnels…we had a ball and took lots of pictures as usual…

We reached the town of  Lenzburg…cheked into the hotel met the girls from the team who came to India (Andrea and evelyne) and then rushed for a city tour of Lenzburg….nice city with little market places…a church…a town hall… lot of history…..the sad part was that out tour guide was talking swiss german…so we understood only part of the explanation which our friends were translating for us…..but anyways it did not matter much cause we were busy taking picture…..pictures speak a thousand words….so who cares about the swiss german words…!!

After the city tour….we went to evelynes house cause she stayed close by and we wanted to see how young people live and not just the palatial houses of our host rotarians….it was a very pretty compact neat appartment…..but i may not like to live alone…i prefer being with people..i love my house full of people…

After the house….we had to rush to get dressed in our fancy Indian clothes for the district confernece……so we rushed…I wore my new black saree….got all dressed up and walked up to the palace for the evening which stated in the garden with drinks and starters and conversations with people…..and stares and compliments on our fancy clothes….then went on to a three course sit down meal….luckily we could all sit together so we had a nice time…..the evening went on and on…and finally it was time to trek back down to our rooms with the sarres and shoes….but all the good food…wine…desert and company helped to make the journey down really quick…..

It was almost 12 in the night by the time we got back…and we had started early at around 8 in the morning…but the night was still young…..we had our presentation to clean up for the next day morning and we had guests who had come to meet us…one of the team members who had come to mumbai  come to meet us after dinner to our rooms with his wify who we had not met earlier cause they could not come for the dinner….We had some more fun…with conversations …jokes….lots of laughter and some deleting of slides to make the presentation crisp….

The day finally came to an end…..was a whole lot of fun……all was perfect except that we had to share room….now that is not so nice….hope it is different the next week we are staying in an hotel…..

Look out for snaps on the top of the peak and the sarees on orkut!


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