Morning Walk..Museum…Old Age Home

Tuesday 8th June 2010

]Interesting day…started with a walk in the woods early morning…it is so amazing you walk out of the house and in 10 mins flat you are in the woods…

After the walk in the woods…we went to the   Bourbaki Panorama Museum ( absolutely stunning…..i dont like museums too much but this one was very nice…

We then went for a  lunch meeting with a rotary club…gave our presentation on India and it was much appriciated…..after which we went to the Rolex shop and had a guided tour…

My highlight of the day was a visit to an old age home here…….it is like a resort cum hospital cum service appartments……my dream is to start something like that in India…..Inshalla i will someday…

Evening was at home…cooked and ate at home….then sorted out my bags…..packed and ironed washed clothes…..after which i wasted time online trying to figure out wht to do in my last one week..i really wish i was just going home after the rotary program got over……anyways–lots more to write…but some other time…

Till then…Saluté


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One response to “Morning Walk..Museum…Old Age Home

  1. Vivek Mehta

    Hi, Read the blog of June 8. Salivating at the thought of you waling around in a Rolex store; or was it a factory ! And do start your old age home soon; will be eligible to get in by the time you start I think. Enjoy your stay !

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