The Transfer to Bellinzona…

Saturday 11th June

After a wonderful farewell party in the evening…the morning was for packing and actually saying good bye…L…we were to take the 11.18 train from Lucerne to Bellinzona and all our host families came to drop us at the station with all our bags and baggage….

They actually brought champagne  on the station and everyone toasted to the wonderful friendship that we formed over the last week….with promises to meet again…there were waves and tears..and last minute gifts being exchanged….with no exaggeration….there were 10 people standing on the station waving good byes to us till the train was out of sight….we were soo touched and moved by the whole experience…had a wonderful time at Lucerne….the people were soo warm…open and friendly that it was absolutely amazing…

The train journey was nice…..was spend in discussion what a nice time we had….and hoping that the coming week in the Italian part of Switzerland  will be able to match up with this experience…the landscape was beautiful…with lakes and waterfalls and green meadows..and snow caped mountains….but we were busy talking about the week that was….

We reached Bellinzona station and were picked up by two rotarioans…..we had the walk up to our hotel….which was not a very pleasant experience with all our bags….we struggled and pulled and pushed all our bags to finally reach the hotel and then to realize that there was a much shorter way to reach the hotel from the station but our rotarain guide wanted to show us the  town so he took us around….WTH…how damn insensitive….such a contrast from where we had come from…the people there would not even let us lift a bag…..

The 3 ladies were booked in one room…to which we protested….so one of the ladies was put in another hotel which was a disaster…..overall….we had left Lucerne after breakfast…and reached bellinzona just after lunch time…so there was no welcome lunch for us….was overall quite a disastrous welcome in the new town….with no host families to take care of us….

Dinner was paid for in the hotel…but the menu was in italian…and no one to translate…..but we managed to get good food with our waiters broken English….

After dinner some of us decided to stay back in the room and chill and a few of us decided to go for a walk and explore the town….and then we came back and sat and chatted till late in the night…it was good team bonding time for us….

End of day…we slept….happy that atleast we had air conditioning in the room!


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