Stone..Rivers and the lost Shoe..

Sunday 12th June 2010

We were picked up in the morning in a mini bus for a day out….travelled a lot saw some valleys….some lakes….lot of waterfalls….flowing rivers…..the place is just like Kashmir….with the river flowing side by side of the road….it is absolutely stunning..

Every water body we would see I would want to touch the water….in one such adventure…I lost my shoe…L a present to the swiss river….and for a few hours after that I was walking with one shoe!!

We then bumped into a rotarian…and I borrowed floaters from him…not really my size but better than walking with one shoe….

Went to a very different looking church…the botta church….was an interesting expeirnce…but something was not right about the day…..the felling of being wanted and taken care of and being special guests of the rotary was some how missing….maybe we were just super spoilt the earlier week and are feeling lost without host families in a hotel this week…..

Had some local pasta for lunch…and some local italino pizza and pasta for dinner…..saw some pretty sights…but overall the warmth was missing …lets see what the days ahead in the week have to offer…


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