Writing on the Knife…window Shopping and Swimming…

Tuesday 14th June

The day started with me trying to figure out how I can bunk the plan for the day….well as usual…we did NOT actually bunk and were at the require spot at the required time…only to know that the rotary meeting we were suppose to attend is not happening…the sailing that we were to do is not going to happen…and the lake beach that we were to go to…may not really happen also because of the bad weather…

So we walked a little bit in the rain….and went to the office of our guide for the day a rotarian who is a dentist…

He had some cutting knives for us as souvenirs and he taught us to write with the dentist drill on them….something new and different…” SALUTE AU LOCARNO” is what my knife reads….

As the rain stopped…we then went window shopping and picked up some little things and then we went for lunch to GOVINDA…yes the same ISKON restaurant….they are present even in Locarno a small town in Switzerland….!

After lunch we went to the Casino….again a first time….but out friend Rotarian did not know much on how to use the fancy machine there….so we left shortly and went to the local swimming pool….and that was the highlight of the day…

My team was too lazy…too shy…simply bored….too tired….to go into the water….but I love water and despite the crazy schedule had the energy to go jump right in..and I had a nice time….

Went into the heated pool…the normal pool…the freezing lake…the huge water slides….the water slides here have different types of lights inside them…it is an experience to go though it…some are crazy fast….but most were nice!

Dinner was at an Italian restaurant….and then we got back home….we always hope we come back early…but that never happens…was 10.30 by the time we reached back…tired…but the day was nice…something different…not the normal mountain and lakes!! Of couse I have a cut finger from the knife and blocked ears from the swimming pool to show off for the day in addition to a lot of pictures!!



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2 responses to “Writing on the Knife…window Shopping and Swimming…

  1. Vivek Mehta

    Hi, This Govinda restaurant of ISCON is in many places – I remember going to a Govinda restaurant in Santiago, Chile, when I had gone there for a consulting assignment 7 years ago. One of my ear is clogged with water; I go swimming every evening here in the hotel in Dubai. Send a link to the pictures if you have uploaded them somewhere (except Orkut).

  2. Andrea

    Here in Zurich everyone is having a good time because the swiss national soccer team won an important match at the world championships. Everywhere people went on the the streets to celebrate. Hopefully you will be able to feel this spirit too sometime during the stay. You would not be lonely anymore. The next match is on monday…

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