Local Hospital Visit ..Swiss Lunch..Old Age Home..Cooking Paneer Butter Masala!

Monday  21st June 2010

The day started with a visit to the hospital….was nice for me cause it was like a vocational trip for me but the other got a little bored….this was a 60 bed canton hospital with about 250 employeesl…there are about 260 odd beds in three hospitals in this canton for a population of 14500 people….which is an extremely good ratio.

This canton follows a DRG system for the in patients which means that they get paid a fixed amount for a particular diagnosis of a patient irrespective of the number of days in the hospital. The related morbidity factors are taken into consideration and the fixed amount is calculated. This is different from some of the other cantons I visited where the insurance pays per day that the patient is in the hospital. The ALSO of the patients in this hospital is 5 days and that in hospitals where they are paid per day is 7 days…( not confirmed figures…this is what the doctor said). The surprising part is that there is no rehabilitation hospitals in this canton…they have to liaison with rehab hospitals in other cantons.

Overall interesting visit…got to know another facet of the swiss healthcare system. Their healthcare system is overall very complicated..it is like an onion….you have to peal layer by layer to get to the core…..don’t think I have managed too many layers….

After the hospital visit….we were invited for lunch to a rotarians hotel and were treated to a very special local dish from Einsidenlen..”THE OFEN TURLI” it is a pancake type made of cheese and potatoes with a lot of tasty salads to go with it…

Then it was time to go to the old age home in Einsidelen called “Gerbe”..had a very bried visit…not as details one as the visit I had of the old age home in Meggan…this is the disadvantage of clubbing vocational trips with everyone….it gets boring for the rest and you cant get into all the details you would like to….but overall impression…the facilities very pretty much the same…this one was smaller and cheaper….there were about 78 intimates and an equal number of employees…the charged about 123 swiss franks a day for a orivate room with everything included. A private apartment with a kitchen was only 650 franks….as against 6000 franks for a smiliar facility in meggan…of couse food…cleaning etc is not included in the 650 franks and it is all inclusive in the 6000 franks. The major negative aspect of this old age home I though was that they do not have double rooms for the husbands and wives to move in together…they say there is never  a need as men marry women who are much younger then them and they don’t need care at the same time…! Interesting Eh!

After the old age visit…we went window shopping…bough some wine…looks at chocolates….and then came home……..

I had my host families daughters joining us for dinner today also….and I made Paneer Butter Masala…it was a major hit…even though it was quite spicy….i hardly got to eat much!! Ofcouse instead of blocks of panner you get some other form of grated cottage cheese….i used that and then used sheep cheese to act like blocks of panner….i was super worried cause I had never used Knor masala….but it turned out pretty well…!

Now time to sleep…..chilled out morning tomo…i plan to get up for breakfast…and then go to sleep again…that will be sooo cool!

Last 4 days to go….a little tensed about my London Paris trip…I am unable to get through my hosts in london…I hope they are there and are still willing to host me….!

Gut Nak….sleeping time!


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