Last Presentation…Coop Visit….Bike Ride@180 kmph!

Tuesday 22nd June

The day started peacefully for a change….we had to start only by 12….:-) so I had a wonderful morning doing nothing…but simply lazing….having a niiiice long bath….sitting on the internet for sometime…

Then it was presentation time….for the last time we gave our standard song and dance on Incredible India….everyone seems to love it….so I guess we are good….but I still feel we could have been better….anyways…it is OVER! Now we will have to start giving presentations on what we did in Switzerland once we go back…now lets see how that goes…

After the presentation and lunch….we went to the Coop Store to meet the store manager ….Coop is a big Bazzar equivalent in Switzerland. There are two major chains in Switzerland…MIgros and Coop….and in every city you have them…Coop has 1000 stored across Switzerland and Migros has 700 stores…however the overall per squatter meter share of Migros is greater than that of Coop.

Coop has three sizes of stores…the 500 sq meter which is the smallest and they have about 500 such stores in the entire country..the 1200 sq meter which are about 400 and the larger 6000 sq meter which are about 100 in the country. The tiny store that we visited had a turnover of 10 million swiss franks for a year…not that sounds quite a bit to me….out of this almost 50% was from fresh perishable items..they had about 14 thousand unique items in the store out of which about 20% were their own brand…however 40% of the revenue came from their own branded products……yeah…lots of statistics…..numbers which don’t really matter….but the store manager was super cute looking so my attention to what he was saying was sharp even for an after lunch meeting!

After this loooong meeting…we went to one of my team member Vivek’s host families house to see the place cause we had heard so much about the large bear that was hanging above his bed…yeah the bear was indeed there hung on the wall…,quite large and scary…..all with the teeth and the tongue….ikky..but I managed to get pictures with it…

Then it was time to go home and the highlight of the day….a ride on a BMW bike…..super cool! Did you know there are heating systems on the bike also to heat the seat and the handles….well this was news for me at least…though it was super cool…the ride was fun….we drover for almost an hour…and must have travelled about 80 odd kms….it was nice….we touched the max speed of 180 kms…..yeah…on a bike…with the temperature of about 10 degrees …..was wonderful…luckily I was fully protected with jackets I survived….The bike seemed super sturdy and safe…even despite the turns and the speed that we were going on…..was like a nice cold roller costar ride… hour was good enough…I wonder how people got for vacations for 2 weeks on the bikes…it is crazy!

Then was dinner time at home…had guests…Tejal and Meghna with her host family joined us for dinner..had a nice evening with some serious conversation on India/ China….etc etc!

Overall a good day…and full day tomorrow staring early in the morning….till then Chao!!


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One response to “Last Presentation…Coop Visit….Bike Ride@180 kmph!

  1. Vivek Mehta

    Hi, When you visited the retailer you should have asked them which IT systems they use – Oracle Retail or SAP Retail; not that SMB Retail would ever work there :)). Would love to hear you give a presentation on Wonderful Switzerland when you come back; but possibly I would be in Dubai then.

    Am returning back tomorrow for a week and then back in Dubai from July 3 for a few months! yes Months!

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