Wellness Center…Wood Importer….Victorynox factory…Indian Dinner Party!

Wednesday June 23rd

Yet another day is over…..just 2 more days to go…and the program is over…I wish I was part of the one year student exchange program…wish I knew about it when I was 16 years old!

Anyways….the day was nice….and the evening was fantabulous……

The day started with a visit to an architectures office…yet another one….was pretty uneventful…..then was time to visit a wellness center….pity just to see it and not go for a spa treatment! I always though that the wellness industry in Switzerland is quite advanced….but that does not seem to be the case if this wellness center that we visited in Ramada hotel  in was the bench mark….the centers in India are more fancy and more expensive! The IT systems they use were also quite out dated with no CRM system at all….a pity for such an advanced country……apparently at-least in Einsiden…there is hardly any competition….and just another spa in the region….with just 14,500 people that is not very surprising!

Our next stop was to visit the showroom of one of the Rotarians who is an importer of wood flooring…..yeah the business may seem too specific to architecture…but the discussion we had was very interesting……he is the sole supplier to multiple brands of wooden and leather flooring and had a turnover of about 7 million…with a margin of 15 % to 50 % ranging from different brands. For certain brands he would notmallly sell to a wholesaler at a 15 % margin….and the wholesaler would sell it at a 30% margin to the craftsman…and the craftsman who fixes the floor would take anywhere between 20 to 50% of the cost of the material to fix it!  This gentleman has a tie up with a company in China which produces wooden flooring according to their specifications…..they buy the stock and then sell it. Since the risk of carrying the stock lies with them, they have a higher margin of about 50% on the material and yet the customer gets it 30% cheaper than the eurpoean material!

We had a very interesting discussion of the trade of wood across the continent…on how china used to import from Russia…and then it stopped because of political reasons….and then it was the US which went for a toss because of the recession….and now it is France which is the biggest exporter of oak wood to China which gets treated and then back to the western countries

By the end of the discussions…it was lunch time and we had a wonderful meal of vegetable cake….no clue what it was made of…but it was nice….!

Now it was time for the Victornox factory to see how the knives were made…pity that guy did not allow us to take snaps in the factory….but it was a nice tour….and then we got a 30% discount on the store….and my team went mad shopping for knives…perfumes….and god knows what…all I bought is a little nail cutter!

Evening was approaching…..we had promised to make an Indian dinner for 20 people ……dinner starts at 7 here…..we planned to reach back by 5…so we could get the meal ready….but it was 6.15 by the time we actually got back!!

Luckily we were cooking in the hotel of one of the rotaians …so we had all the help and interference from the cooking staff in the hotel….we made a dal….Aalo ghobi ki shabji…..and jeera rice…By the time I reached to kitchen after cooking…the dal was boiled….i was responsible to give it masala and tadka……and make the rice…..and both turned out surprisingly vey very well…they all loved it! Maybe I am a good cook….somewhere deep inside!

We made the Swiss eat chapatti and rice with hand….yeah…..we SUCEDED in making them eat by hand!! It was really nice…..

The evening overall was very nice…..Mayur played the drums….we sang hindi songs….they sand swiss songs….they loved my salwar kameeze….overall a very very lively evening…..had a nice time bonding with all the host families…..looking forward to the party on Friday…our last day here…pity it the last day…..but I am sure  the party will be fun!



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3 responses to “Wellness Center…Wood Importer….Victorynox factory…Indian Dinner Party!

  1. Vivek Mehta

    Hey, did you remember me when eating aloo gobhi !!

  2. adb

    Victorinox factory in Switzerland with a 30% discount…..and u bought a nail cutter?!? Shame on you!
    A swiss knife from Switzerland…..that is what I call authentic. It would have been so cool.

  3. abc

    only nail cutter :-)>>> gal will be gal where u go

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