Zurich Airport and Flight to London

Thursday 24th June

The morning stated with a trip to an architecture library….yet another architectural wonder of Switzerland made by the famous Mr Bota…The library was private collections of someone who bought old original books on the architecture and monuments of eurpoe ( my co team members…since I am bad with details…if you remember the name of the guy to who the library belonged…put it in the comments for me!)

After the library…..we went to the cheese factory….finally…this was not part of the original agenda….but we wanted to see a cheese factory…how could we be in Switzerland…and not see a cheese factory!! And since we were a part of the esteemed rotary GSE program….all doors would open for us…So we went to this place called..Schaukaserei Schwyzeland( I looked a photograph and wrote the spelling! Do you blame be for not remembering details) It was an interesting visit…I did not know that to make one ka got cheese you need anywhere between 8 to 12 liters of milk depending on the type of cheese you want…old cheese is hard….new cheese is softer…there is smoked cheese…cheese of milk of different animals…cheese with a very strong flavor….overall the best cheese I liked in switerland was the sheep cheese…..i think it was called….Fatte Cheese ( my swiss friends reading this blog…please correct me…I am sure I have got the spelling wrong!)…my favorite cottage cheese or paneer is looked down upon like a lesser product here…they use tofu instead of cottage cheese to make curries..you get cottage cheese here but it is in a semi solid form and not blocks like we get in India…(I should have taken a picture..but I forgot!). Cottage cheese is sold in plastic containers like they sell yogurt and it is salty…infact…cottage cheese mixes with yogurt was a dish that is sometimes served at breakfast…it almost tastes like our Raita in India!

I know I have gone on a tangent with my discussion on cottage cheese …but my favorite paneer being looked down as a lesser product deserves atleast a discussion on my blog if nothing else!

Now back to the events of the day….We also had lunch at the cheese factory…Alpmacoroni which is a dish with cheese, potatoes , pasta with an sweet apple side dish…this is something that traditionally farmers would eat in the alps because it was cheap to make and very filling..I don’t know about the cheap….but I can definitely vouch for the very filling…we took half a portion and struggled to finish it!

After the cheese factory….we went to another chocolate factory….felcin ( swiss friends is my spelling correct?)  which is a premium swiss chocolate with two objectives…one to see the factory….and the other to buy cheap chocolate….but we could do neither….cause the factory was not open to visitors…even with all the rotary connections and the chocolate was too damn expensive to buy!

After the chocolate factory….we went for a trip to Zurich city…our first visit to the city…and it was quite nice….we met our friends who had come to India for the GSE program…and all of us went for a walk in the old part of the city….basically got a small flavor of the city…want more….luckily I come back and spend two days at the time of Zurich festival over the weekend….should be nice!

Evening was dinner with the family…and then it was time to  learn to play cards the swiss way….did you know that the swiss have a different set of cards with only 36 cards and not our traditional 52 cards….they also have 4 colors…oak..belles…flower…shield..and each of the color had only 9 cards in it…the games are similar in basic concept as to what we play…but the points system is  way to complex! The interesting part was when they keep score….sometime they write the name of the people but mostly they make a circle with slices and the score is kept for each person on where they are sitting!

My host family has given me a pair of swiss cards as a gift…so sweet…I also need a rule book from somewhere…or I will have to make up my own rules!

Overall wonderful day!! It feels so nice to write….it is like downloading all that you have gone through in a day…it is most definitely therapeutic…


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