About ME

I am restless and I want to achieve the world!

Someone once called me “The Restless Princess” and I liked the name so decided to put the Reflections of a Restless Princess for the world to read!


3 responses to “About ME

  1. aritrachatterji

    I visited your blog accidentaly, but I should say I wasn’t so unlucky coz I really liked your blog.
    It seems you have got a good taste.
    I ve just started my blog in wordpress but have one in blogspot:
    Anyways can we be friends? At least I can share your experiences of blogging…

  2. aritrachatterji

    it’s nice on your part that you paid a visit to my blog.
    But I was unlucky not to recieve any sort of suggestions from you. Also you didn’t give any sort of contact information about you. If you are willing please do send your e-mail id to :

  3. Hey… great to see you on blogosphere too!! 🙂

    Interesting blog…… just stumbled upon your blog in my quest to learn more about my recent interest in expressing myself through blogging…

    Keep up the good work… 🙂 you never know… you might just be inspiring someone through your actions!!!

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