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Alfredos : Juhu

Was a looong week… an exhausting day…and a fun Friday evening. It was a friends b’day so the jingbang went to Alfredo’s for dinner.
Had a really nice time there as usual ..…but I was wondering what is so nice about the place…
It is loud…..too loud for a dinner place…too soft for a lounge….so loud that you can bearly hear people
Cramped up…..the seats are so close together that there is bearly any place for the waiters to walk around…and people really have to squeeze in to get into their seats….
Seats are like dinner table chairs….I was really missing the comfy sofa’s that some other places have…
Food was not bad…the lazania(don’t know how to spell it) was great…Pizza was so so…cheese corn balls were great…Nacho’s were different(not the good different)..the pasta was ok types..
So what is so great about the place…?? I don’t know…maybe the brand…and the ‘cool’ factor…
By the end of an hour….we just wanted to pay and get out and go to a place where we could actually hear what people were talking and we did!
We went to the beach…. 🙂 the sea is so beautiful by the night!! I am so glad Alfredo was loud and cramped up!!
Time to go to sleep and dream about the beach and the moonlight reflecting on the waves! GN!

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