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Rotary Youth Leadership Awards:RYLA

Rotaract Club of Deonar and Rotary Club of Deonar present

RYLA…To Liberate

Physical/Spiritual/Emotional Liberation on Independance Day weekend!!


Friday : 14th August 2009 to Sunday: 16th August 2009


Evergreen Resorts at Badlapur, Mumbai.

There will be a pick up from differnt spots in Mumbai

How Much Will It Cost Me?

Rs 1250 for 2 nights and 3 day…All inclusive food…travel….stay…..!! Ya….really economical right…well it is sponsored by the Rotary!

Who can Come?

Anyone who is between 18 to 30 years can apply….and cross your fingers you are selected!

 What Will we do for 3 days???

Camp Fire….Rappelling…. Learn Ballroom Dance…DJ Night..…Rain Dance… Neuro– Lingustic Programing (NLP) and many more things! Lot of fun!!

Sounds Interesting??  Want to know more??

Drop a  mail to:


PS: I vouch for this camp and the organisers….it will be a whole lot of fun….indeed a wonderful way to spend a long weekend…ya for all the working folks….you will have to take a Friday off….but believe me it will be totally worth it..there is a very limited number of people that can participate….I am sorry I put this up so late for you’ll to see….but I know there are a few seats left….so pick up the phone or drop an email asap…I wish I can make it!

Please also leave me a comment if you go for it….or apply for it….would love to see people leaving comments!


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Battle of Avenues!

Well if any of you’ll have been wondering where I have been all these days…..well I have been busy Rotracting…

We conceptualized a project termed as “ Battle of Avenues” for  my new rotaract club to enable to club to plan for the coming here….we executed it…and it worked well…!

I guess that is what Rotaract gives me…the platform to execute idea’s…..and everytime  an idea is taken to a logical conclusion and something works well….it feels nice….and it is a psychological baby step towards ultimate goal…..

( I will write a post on ‘psychological baby steps’ someday hopefully…it is a wonderful concept!)

Rotaract gives me a platform to do things end to end…..from idea….to execution… different departments…no different roles and responsibilities….no ‘management’ to answer to…you get to see the beginning and end of a project…it is short…unlike in work situations….where things go on and on…..believe it or not…four years in the company…and I have never seen a project beginning to end!!

Anyways…so now for what did I get from the project…other than psychological baby steps….ofcouse the normal stuff…people management….designing….. revived my rhyming skills ( ya I am told that as a kid I could make songs on any word given to me!)….got to know which Xerox shop is open in this are on a Sunday….:-D

That’s it for now….I am glad I am back in rotaract…..ya  to be honest there were times during this week when I though to myself…. “why I am I doing this to myself!”….but all is well that ends well….and sometimes  when it ends… you know why you were in it at all!!!


Some of my designing….and silly rhymes…! Just putting it here for memory sake… 20 years down the line…I have just one place to look for memories!


Time for a Battle…..

Time for a Fight…..

Time to spend some Sleepless Nights

Want some Light?

Take a Flight….

And come for the GMB tonight…

(well today….at  4pm ..;-) tonight was just to rhyme!)


The Battle Lines are set…

Now who will win the match…

Wanna  take a bet….

But wait there is a catch…

Your team loses if you are not around…

So if you let them down….

They will miss the crown….


Rules for “Battle of Avenues” are out!

If you are in any doubt…

Reach out to Shri and shout..

And be ready for the Sunday bout!!


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MUNA Speach-Israel’s view on Nuclear Disarmament in the Middle East

MUNA stands for Model United Nations Assembly…every year the Rotary and the Rotaract district organizes the MUNA in Mumbai….

This year we were discussion the issue of “Nuclear Disarmament in the Middle East region” and I was representing Israel the only country in the region that has nuclear weapons…and we rocked…..

1)      Won the Best team!

2)      Won the best speaker Runner Up

My bro also participated and represented Iran….Iran is a signatory of the NPT but has been violating the provisions and  is suspected to have been developing nuclear weapons in secret!

Iran and Israel are sworn enemies…Iran wants to destroy all the Jews in Israel…Israel is a nice peace loving country (at war with all its neighbors ;-))

Little Bro’s  team won

1)      Best Researched team

2)      Best Team- Runner Up!

Overall we rocked…had fun…learned a lot….I never really knew what the Israel/Palestine conflict is all about….did not understand NPT….CTBT…..US…Iran…etc etc I am sooo much wiser now after one week of reading….

If you ever get the opportunity to participate in MUNA…..don’t miss it….I think schools and colleges also conduct it….but if you have missed the bus and not participated in those days…contact the nearest Rotary and try and be a part of it next time they conduct a MUNA!

Enclosed is my winning speech…basically our take on Israel’s stance on the whole issue! I think one of the reasons why I missed getting the best speaker is cause I used notes…and ofcourse the guy for the China team was super good!! Next time!!!


We the State of Israel oppose the resolution in its current form.

We believe in principle to the need of a Nuclear Weapon Free Zone, however, we are of the firm opinion, it is peace in the region that would need to precede any talks of such a zone.

Mr. President,

We are surrounded by hostile Arab countries which are much larger in size, population and natural resources

As soon as State of Israel came into existence in 1948 we were attacked by the Arab armies. Since then the assaults have continued. It is an Islamic religious jihad against the Jews

The current president of Iran makes inflammatory statements in public forums saying things like “Israel must be wiped off the map”

My people have a right to exist….and our very existence is in danger… The memory of the Holocaust, is still fresh. It haunts us. We feel that our military capability is the only thing that can shield us.

Self-defense and self-reliance have become the twin pillars of our national security policy.

We have always committed that the State of Israel will not be the first country to use nuclear weapons…. And the last 50 years have been proof to this commitment..


We think that the NPT and the IAEA are not effective..

Russia and China have been supplying nuclear material and expertise to terrorist countries like Iran, Pakistan

Iran is developing nuclear weapons under the guise of using nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.

North Korea one fine day  simply walks out of the treaty and declares it has a nuclear bomb…

now that say it all for the effectiveness of the NPT

We would like to bring to the notice of the general assembly that we believe in the merits of exploring nuclear energy for peaceful purpose.

Countries in the region genuinely looking for nuclear power can explore joint power stations for electricity. Given close distances, and different levels of technological achievement there would advantages for all willing to collaborate,

Mr President….

We want peace in the region….but to achieve that, the first step would have to be for the Arab world to accept the existence of Israel and come to an agreement upon international borders.

For sustained peace, we recommend that  the concept the Nuclear Weapons Free Zone be extended to include Biological and Chemical weapons and It should encompass the whole world and not only be restricted to the Middle East

All nuclear powers should take concrete collective steps towards disarmament.

To conclude, I would like to recap that the we State of Israel believe in principle to the need of a Weapon of Mass Destruction Free Zone, however it will have to be build on a foundation of peace and the right political environment.

Check out the snaps to get a feel of the event!!


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Photo Hunt 09

Went for an interesting Rotaract project last Sunday organized by Rotaract Club of Mumbai Ghatkopar called the “Photo Hunt 09”…

Project Concept…

  • Each Team(2-4 participants) were given a set of 120 situations of which they have click photographs
  • Teams were given a time of 3 hours.
  • All photographs were suppose to have at least one participant wearing the AIDS red ribbon ( Brilliant idea to ensure that old photographs were not submitted)
  • Teams were not allowed to split.(Photo’s from only 1 camera would be checked!)
  • There were points assigned to each situation….you get bonus points if you merge three or more situations in one picture
  • The team that gets the highest number of points wins!

Simple eh! Yup! The rules were simple and well thought of….but the actual meat of the game were the “120 clues/tasks” to be photographed!!

Some Random Sample clues..

Sit on a Dog….Do Yogaasan on a Bus Stop….Picture of a man with Red Pants!….Kissing a condom machine…..doing the titanic pose in a public toilet…Driving a rickshaw….Riding a tricycle….Triple Seat on a Bicycle….On the top of a truck….with your passport and voting card…With foam on your head..riding on a horse…..Doing pull ups in the ladies compartment of the train…milking a cow…etc etc etc….you get the drift.. J …..120 diverse fundoo tasks…entire Mumbai at your disposal…..but just 180 minutes…!!

Boy was it fun or what!!  We managed to get only about 50 of the 120 tasks done….and obviously we lost…..not sure how many tasks the winning team completed….not sure what the prizes were…(since we knew we were not winning we did not sit till the end!) But we had a ball…and that’s all that matters!!

Lesson Learn’t : – Don’t strategize too much….just do it…(in this case just click)….next time you take part….quickly read the clues and run!! If you see a potential picture…just click…you will never get time to come back to the place and click again!!

Can these lessons be translated to life at large….? I think yes it can…..

Don’t strategize too much….Life is short….Just Do it……!

PS- I will put up some of the snaps that we took…if and when I get them from the camera owner of my team…

Bottom lineThe Verdict: – Photo Hunt 09 was fun…and Rotaract Rocks…if you are between 18 to 30 and have never been a part of Rotaract….boy….you are missing something….go find your nearest Rotaract Club!!



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Rotaract Saturday…

We were suppose to go for a Water RYLA this weekend….RYLA for those of you’ll who don’t know are RYLA stands for Rotary Youth Leadership Awards. It is camp organized by the Rotary for the youth. The camps normally have a theme and there are talks and activities around the theme. Over all it is fun like camps are always…night out in some remote place are always fun…even if some of the talks are boring.
So Water RYLA, as the name suggest it was all about water. It was suppose to activity oriented 3 days on water conservation, water harvesting and a whole lot of other things related to water.We registered for it, but since we could not bunk work on a Friday(See how dedicated I am!), we tried to get permission to attend the RYLA over the weekend however it did not work!
So we had a weekend free, which was planned to be dedicated to fun at Rotaract…and the plans went down the drain!
So an old friend of mine from my RC Bombay West days, who also with the rotaract district and currently my strongest link to Rotaract activities suggested we go for a RC Churchgate project “I Object Your Honor” which was a mock court room competition.
The project was overall fun. We had to defend a case, present evidence and witness, cross examine the opposition witness. The project could have been handled more professionally, the timings were not adhered to. Overall a nice way to spend a Saturday morning especially since we won the competition!


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Which Rotaract Club should I join???

I went for the Bombay West Installation today….and it felt really nice…almost like going back home!It is all so familiar…everyone knows you…you know almost everyone…you have been a veteran there and you identify yourself with the club…everyone there is a friend….you may not be in touch with them all the time but you all been through so much together as a club. The Rotarians know you….the office staff knows you…even the new members have heard of you (good/bad otherwise is a besides the point!!) Well after all you have been there for years together and spend many hours at the rotary center….given your bit to the movement and gained a whole lot more in return! My house used to be the second office of the Rotaract Club of Bombay West….a venue for our projects (the parents nite!) and many many meetings… My Indica was the official Rotaract truck to ferry things to and fro…and our cupboards used to be the gowdown for all rotaract stuff! My entire family was the rotaract family….I was a president for a year…. Eventually Sam (my younger bro!) also got inducted into rotaract has been the president for a year… my Mom has been an active part of so many of our projects….Dad has always cribbed about Rotary( don’t think he still understand the difference between rotary and rotaract!) but over all he has been supportive….Bottom line… not only me but my entire family along with me has been an integral part of Rotaract Club of Bombay West!!

We moved out of Juhu to our own house in Chembur.….Rotaract Club of Bombay West is logically too far to be actively involved…..but it is possible…

Logically Rotaract Club of Deonar is a better choice to join…it is close to home…it is nice active club….the do some interesting projects…..I have always heard a lot about them….but it does not feel like home….I fell like an outsider…..I don’t really feel a part of it…L…I don’t feel belong there….. I guess I have barely gone for any meetings…and not been involved with any projects….it is like a chicken and egg situation….If I don’t go for projects and meetings…I will not feel involved….if I don’t get the feeling of being required and involved…I will not go for meetings/projects!

Now what is the best thing to do…..?? RC Bombay West..? RC Deonar ? Neither!?? Either..?? Both…??

“Analysis Paralysis” is raising its ugly head again! I am sitting on the fence…analyzing and doing nothing about it!!!

While I was writing this I realized…this can be compared to other aspects of my life… relationships…

RC Bombay West is like an old relationship/job….which has gone stale….which I can drag on but it may not really be the best thing for both parties……but I don’t want to let go..…I love my club….it is comfortable… is mine with all its flaws and good things……

RC Deonar is like a new potential relationship/job..…scary….unknown…unchartered…. different…

What should I do…?? Forget my baby RC Bombay West (I was called the amma of the club!) and take the plunge and move on???

Which club to join is a very small and insignificant thing to decide…….but I am talking ages to make that call….and I am loosing out on precious time….(you can be with Rotaract only till the age of 30!)

How ironical ….. I am doing exactly the same thing with the rest of my life! It’s a pattern that is repeating in almost all aspects of my life….be it work….relationships…..leisure!

Awareness if the first step to change.……..I have taken the first step!


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