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Hello!! Actually I should not be online and writing a post at all…I have to get up at 3.30 in the morning and leave from home to go for my long weekend vacation….but addicted as I am….I am here to write a quick post…! I think I am addicted to the internet…and to blogging and chatting!!

Don’t know if I am really really looking forward to this vacation….but normally if you are really looking forward to something it is not so much fun….and if you are apprehensive about something it ends up being a lot of fun!!

So Adios….friends….I am off…in case I manage to get up in the morning and someone picks me from home..or else I continue to live my monotonous life in Mumbai and write pako posts like this!

In case you my dear readers care….although I am going to be away with no access to internet….you will still get to read a new post from me tomorrow and on Saturday…and maybe on Sunday also…if I am not dead tired once I come back!

Till then….Alvida!


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