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Dead Dogs…

I have seen at least 5 dead dog bodies on the highway over the last three days…

Before this…I don’t even remember when I last noticed a dead dog body  in Mumbai city internal highways…


It is quite sad to see a dead dog body stiff with rigor mortis lying on the back unclaimed uncared for out there on the highway with cars whizzing past…


I am not a major animal or a dog lover….but my heart still went out to them…it is not only a bad sight to look at but also a health hazard…and I wanted to call some authorities and tell them to do something about it….but I did not know what to do so like the other cars I whizzed past…L


I don’t know if it is me and I am just by chance paying more attention or is it that there are somehow more dogs dying on the highways of Mumbai?


Maybe because of holiday season…and less traffic on the road…the cars are speeding more than normal and hence more dogs are getting hit and dying..


I remember reading somewhere that BMC has a three days of continuous vacation during this period and hence maybe even though the same number of dogs are dying…but it it just that the copses  are not being picked up…


Well it is sad that dogs are dying and the bodies are being left uncared for on the highway…but what is the purpose of my writing this blog?


I have a two fold purpose..

1) To know if any one else has noticed the increase in the number of dog dead bodies on the Mumbai highways

2) To know if anyone has any information on who can we inform in case we see a dead dog on the road?



Hope to get some info from any of the animal lovers who stop by this post……


May the dog’s soul rest in peace…also may god be with the people who killed the dog by mistake and help them get over their guilt….





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Cutting Onions!

Had a whole lot  of extended  home today for “Bhai Dhuj”… It was nice day….I love having people at home…especially since I am not the head cook(Mommy does that!)…and I am only a little helper…all I normally have to do is taste the food….take plates on the table….cut a few vegetables…serve the guests and eat!

One of the small side tasks that were given to me was to cut onions! Onions are one of the most painful vegetables I have ever had to cut.

My Observation: Smaller the onion…the more you cry while cutting it!

I have always wondered is it a valid observation? Since my experience is cutting onions is not very deep….I don’t even know if it is a valid observation!

But as with every observations….I have a funda behind it…..

My Funda : Since you are cutting and killing a baby onion…you person committing the deed should suffer more!! ( I am sure there is a scientific reasoning to it….if it is a valid reason!)

Now when I sat to write this post..I decided…let me just check online on cutting onions and what is the actual reason for tears in the eyes…and I was surpised to find a whole lot of things available..from the reason for tears to method for cutting onions…METHOD!..for god’s sake I though you just take a knife and cut the damn onion…

Now it was this lack of knowledge of  the ‘methodology cutting onions’ is what was causing all the tears!

Did you know…that the onion has a root and a stem side…and if you get the root side the tears will be maximum….well never mind…now you know!

Now along with the methodology I found online I also fond some tips on how to cut onions with minimal tears…and I realized…I was doing exactly the opposite!

These were some of the tips:

1)      Use a sharp knife and work quickly: Well the knife I was using was I think the sharpest at home…but may not really actually qualify as being sharp…! As for the pace…no comments..excpet I was the tortoise in the race of cutting vegetables!

2)      Cut near an open flame: J I was sitting on the sofa in front of the TV..not to close to any flame..except the hot chicks in sizzling numbers on TV

3)      Chill the onion for 15 -30 minutes before cutting: Now…even Mom did now know this….will maybe try it out next time

4)      Spritz the cutting board with vinegar before cutting: Vinagar!..cutting borad! Whatever…too much trouble for cutting two onions!

5)      Cut the onions underwater: Umm..this may be interesting…I love anything to do with water…It almost sounds like fun!

6)      Do not cut the root of the onion : I did not even know there was a root and a step side to the onion!

Well all in all…I was doing a lot of things wrong….and I have spent more time writing the post than I actually spent cutting the onions….but I have learnt more from writing this post about ‘ cutting onions’ than I learnt by cutting them during the day!

I am also inspired by trying my hand at cutting onions again soon….will tell you’ll if any of these tips worked!

By the way….do check out this site…It has a photo tutorial on how to cut onions!!


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I am sure everyone has fought with someone at some point of time…..well what I mean by a fight here is an argument…disagreement…between ‘friends’…

Well I have had my share of them….

There are three modes of fighting with people

1)      Online Chat!

2)       Telephone

3)      Face to Face

Someone once graded these modes in this order with the first one being the worse and the last being the best mode to fight…and told me if you are ever fighting with someone…..

Don’t even attempt using ‘chat’ as a mode…” it is only words that you can see…and there are bound to be misunderstandings. I think everyone know this and I don’t even think people would actually fight with someone they care remotely about on chat! (If by chance you are having an online fight with someone…chances are you will pick the phone and continue the fight on the telephone!)

The telephone seems to be a super cool as compared to the chat….you can hear the person…you know exactly how angry he or she is….you know when he/she is ready to cool down…but  “CAUTION – AVOID FIGTHING ON THE TELEPHONE”.. It is not as super cool as it sounds…..there is a tendency for the fights to prolong without reason…get frustrating… one gets the other persons point…..cause it is just two modes of communication….words and sound…..the body language piece is missing….

Face to Face…

There are the best type of fights……you can see the person…and if words don’t work to sort things out….a hug sure will!!


Happy fighting!



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Why am I Not Blogging?

I was just thinking to myself…why have I not been blogging for the last few days….I was out on vacation…but it has been a few days since I have been back….and there is no time is just a stupid excuse…

So why have I not been blogging? I came up with a strange though….

The  last few days I have not been thinking…….I am not thinking of the past…not thinking of the future…just very much grounded in the present…now….here…concrete…

And blogging(writing) makes me think….and since I am back  I have just not been in a mood to think…contemplate…analyze..make castles in the air…make stories in my head…! ( I am great at making castles in the air and making stories…. For example….I can dream of a business concept…make money on it….buy a house….get sure rich…and many stories around it  a span of minutes!!)

Now is  living in the present a good thing?  Honestly I am not sure…but at this point of time.. I think it is….it is nice to be absolutely involved in the present…Think of now….Live in the moment…forget about the past….don’t bother about the future….take every day as it comes….ensure it is activity filled and fun…!

But am I running away from the past(success/failures)…..and closing my eyes to the future(potential plans for success and chances of failures)….by thinking only of the present and now?



I don’t know…and I don’t want to think!


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Yeah Dil Mange More!

Just got back from vacation..and boy was it fun or what! I had two sets of vacations….back to back…one with Family and the other with friends…and both were super cool! (‘Super’ cool/sexy/fun/cute etc…seems to be a new superlative word I am using these days….)

So what was more fun….vacation with parents? Or Vacation with friends?

I have had  people who told me oh…you still go on vacations with your parents…and I was like ya its awesome!

They are two very different types of holidays…and only lucky people get to have them both back to back in a span on one week!

The trip with parents was more chilled out and relaxing…..and more luxurious…

The friends trip was hectic….and a lot of fun I almost need a holiday after the holiday to get over the holiday!

I want more of both! Yeah Dil Mange More! (BTW I am already planning the next break for November…J)

But for now more than a vacation I need to get some sleep! Adios for now!






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Reflections of a Restless Princess

Gave this speech as a level 4 speech for my Toastmasters club…..And It was honestly quite bad ….the delivery was bad…it lacked passion…and someone told me it looked like I was trying to hard…I was so highly non prepared that I even had notes with me…which is strictly a ‘no -no’…content and concept is not bad…it should make an interesting reading…


“Restless Princess” was a name coined for me by a friend…and he said it suits my personality…I don’t think it was meant to be a compliment…but I though it was quite cute and appropriate…and  that’s one of the names of one of my online awtars!

 Mr Toastmasters and fellow toastmasters and guests…. I am going to share some online escapades of the restless princess with you and hope you go and visit her online sometime!

So what does the “Restless Princess” do online….?? She  writes!

And what does she write about….? Any thing and everything under the sun…movie reviews…book reviews.. about people she meets during the day…thoughts and feelings…speeches she has given at forums like this one…interesting incidents and anecdotes…. Her experiences children she teaches during the weekend…work…vacations…trips…friends…enemies…anything that catches her fancy…is weaved into a story and becomes a part of the ‘reflections of the restless’ princess!


But why does she write…?

There are many reasons to it…

First and foremost.…she writes because she thinks it is fun!

Reason number Two… She gets to reach out to people across the world… and make new friends…She can share her views and opinions with  people from Siberia to Pakistan…people she would never have met if she was not out there on the digital highway…

Reason number 3- writing gives her clarity of though…as she writes…she understands herself better…it is a journey witin…

Reason number 4- And if all that was not good enough….She also makes money out of writing with Google advertisements! It may be peanuts…6-8 dollars over 3 months may not be much….but getting paid anything to make new friends…having fun…expressing your opinion and getting clarity of though is not to bad is it!

Now  what is it that made her start writing?

Believe it or not! Toastmasters club! 

She joined a new club and wanted to read the old speeches she had given eariler and though it was such a pain to lcoate them….so she thought  why not try and keep an online journal of all her speeches!

She is a little crazy and spends hours in writing every speech…and zup…it gets over in 5 minutes….with just a room full of people listening to it…some claps encouraging and some very valuable feedback….she tough to herself …”Is there any way to reach out to more people with the same effort” and the answer came as a bright light of wisdom in just one word….”Blogging!”

Now  that was like killing two birds with a single arrow!

Those were the humble beginning of the “Reflections  of a Restless Princess” with some old Toastmasters speeches…and some random thoughts….

She got some great feedback from complete strangers which was surprising and  friends …which was expected…friends are suppose to be nice….You see the Restless Princess loves compliments….and anyone who does not compliment is not a friend…

Today she writes almost everyday….and has a decent number of people who follow her blog regularly….There are about 20-30 people who visit her blog everyday….Now that may not be much if you compare it to the hits on Amitab Bacchan’s blog….but it is almost 20-30 times the visitors that come to her Mom’s blog! And she is quite super happy with it!

By the way if you ever go visit the Restless Princess online….remember to leave a comment…preferably let is sound like a compliment…..but even if you don’t like the post …worry not…atleast leave a comment….Nothing upsets the princess more than having no comments on the blog…. And worry not Ms Princess can interpret any thing as a compliment!  Now which of us would have though the name “Restless Princess is a compliment”….but she thinks it is cute and says thank you!

Curious to know where you will find her online…

Well I could make your life easy by giving you the address….but nah…that wont be fun…so like you find everything online….use Google to find the restless princess online!

I could give you a hint on how to find her….if everyone who finds her online promises to leave her a comment…! Any takers?

 She used to be in blogger city…with a pseudoname…but now she is moved to the city of WordPress under her own name!

All the best..Happy searching..and hope to see u in the blog world soon!


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Inspiring People!

I was just thinking about it and I realized that I love motivating people and inspiring them to do something I like to do and believe in!

And I think If I am convinced about something I can be good at inspiring/convincing/even maybe manipulating people to do it….actually I don’t know if I am really good at it or not….but it is something that gives me tremendous satisfaction…to actually motivate/convince someone to do something!

So I guess Sales is the right job for me….

Now what are the different techniques that can be used to inspire people to do a lot of things….I was about to put it down in points with examples…..but I realized that it would mean giving out my trade secret…and if all the people who I try to convince cajol into doing something read it then I would have to come up with new tricks which is no easy task!


I  realized there are at least 4 people I know of who I inspired to start blogging…now that’s not too bad is it!

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